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Neurologic (consequences)

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Daily program

7h30                Wake up to music - breakfast

9h - 11h           Physiotherapy care

Physiotherapy & physiotherapy care
Physiotherapy & physiotherapy care

12h                   Lunch - rest

14h - 16h30      Physiotherapy care

16h45               Fresh seasonal fruit salad or herbal tea with organic thyme honey and carrot soup

17h15               Walking out / paddocks

19h                    Dinner

19h30               Change of brightness towards a soft and repairing night

Change of brightness towards a soft and repairing nigh

Proposed treatments


A large 20m x 6m pool with 1.50m of adjustable water, ideal for physical conditioning, musculoskeletal disorders, increased cardio-respiratory capacity, breaking-in.

A second 7m x 5m pool with 70cms of water and currents of varying intensity for limb pathologies.


Hot or cold water jet massage

Solarium Plasma:

The technology developed by the CNRS allows the direct transmission of soft, natural heat comparable to the sun's rays deep inside the body. The comfort provided by this technology is incomparable and the benefits are immediate.


Manual or vibro-percussion / for comfort, rehabilitation, post-traumatic or convalescence (strict immobilization) 


Stretchings by the Needwell method, allows to gain in flexibility, to support the venous and lymphatic return without constraints nor cracking.

seaweed treatment:

Marine care for the limbs or the body with heating or revitalizing, draining or relaxing poultices and wraps. The products used are of high quality from the Cavasso range - French leader in marine horse care products.


By C02 medical gas or by cryogenic paste (gentle and non-invasive application) for limb pathologies/ tendonitis/chronic diseases, inflammations...


Pour troubles respiratoires, saignements de nez et entretien préventif.


Therapy by galvanic currents, uses for oedemas, hematoma, contusions, fractures, tears, cracking... ( non-invasive).


Nervous periphery topline ( non-invasive).

Light therapy:

Light effects with soft and softened colours to perfect a non-aggressive environment for your horse.


Slight diffusion of essential oils to impregnate the atmosphere healthily.




Un grand bassin de 20m x 6m avec 1.50m d’eau ajustable, idéal pour la mise en condition physique,
les troubles musculo-squelettiques, l’augmentation de la capacité cardio-respiratoire, les débourrages.
Un deuxième bassin de 7m x 5m avec 70cms d’eau et des courants d’intensités variable pour les pa-
thologies des membres.
 Hydrothérapie massage eau chaude (ligne du dessus) ou eau froide (membres).
 Solarium Plasma la technologie développée par le CNRS permet de transmettre directement
une chaleur douce et naturelle comparable aux rayons du soleil en profondeur à l’intérieur du corps.
Le confort procuré par cette technologie est incomparable et les bénéfices sont immédiats.
 Massages manuels de confort, de rééducation post traumatique, ou de convalescence
(immobilisation stricte).
 Stretchings actifs et passifs
 Infrasons par vibro-percussions
 Algothérapie: Soins et enveloppements chauffants aux algues - utilisant les produits haut de
gamme du leader français Cavasso
 Cryothérapie gaz CO2 médicale
 Nébulisation pour troubles respiratoires
 Thérapie par courant Galvanic
 Shockwave (périphérie nerveuse)
 Luminothérapie
 Aromathérapie

"A discomfort becomes a weakness, which then turns into pain, ending as disabling distress and all this, often, is the consequence of a problem that initially had nothing to do with it".

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